History of our Company…

Found in 2007 by Larry Fasse, Larry started this Chassis Company when he owned Speedpartz LLC he started because he loved the sport of racing and also his son raced a Foz Upright Lightning Sprint in Ohio. He has John Godfrey from Spike Chassis in Indiana design and build this car for them in 2007. From there on out Larry found himself being at the shop full time and it only grew from there to where he had to have his son and friends help out just to make sure customers got there products shipped out. In 2014, Larry wanted to sell the business. It took a couple months to settle and the Myers Family (Owners and Operators of Aero Wings since 2007) purchased and relocated Speedpartz LLC and Foz Chassis to Chambersburg, PA in August of 2014.

What is new since the purchase in 2014?

Since the purchase in 2014, Foz Chassis expanded since day 1. Since the new owners owned and operated Aero Wings (makers of Micro and Sprint Car Wings) for over 10+years now, they were not shy to take on the challenge to make Foz Chassis a bigger and better company than before. With a CNC Mill and Lathe running EVERYDAY at the shop we are now making all the parts you see on the FOZ Chassis as well as many other chassis’s. Also, since the purchase we stock hundreds of thousands of dollars of parts to make sure you have access to all your parts when you need them. Lastly in September of 2016, FOZ Chassis expanded the Chassis part of the business, what was only before the Upright Lighting Sprints that requires a 1000cc Engine NOW offers a 270cc Micro Sprint since 270s are a big part of Central Pennsylvania. With us being located in the heart of Dirt Track Racing it allows us to constantly strive for the best not only on the track but for our customers as well.

We are also still actively involved in dirt track racing today. We understand the needs of racer because we are racers ourselves!!

We also added in house powder coating to the list of things we do in 2016!

Members of the Team:

Tim Myers (Owner of business, builds Wings and assembles parts, also the Tech guy to talk when you have problems with your car.)

Loretta Myers (Wing Rib Maker and Shipper)

Craig Myers (Owner of Aerowings, builds Wings Powder Coater, and assembles parts, also the go to man with help with your racecar)

Cory Myers (CNC Programmer and Operator, Shipper and also the House Car Driver for the Foz 270 Chassis)